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  1. Thats very cool, its a shame you didnt get to see more. This is a wicked art project! Saw the ghost stations exhibition bit at the basement and really loved it, the website makes you feel more involved with the place than photos alone. When you add the sound that will be even better I think. Will there be a whole exhibition for the project in the end?

  2. That is an amazing building. Im really interested in this and how its going to develop. Will you be putting text up for the north manc photos? THey have some really interesting objects.

  3. Yeah, I’ll be putting in the rest of the text soon. We’ve only been up and running for a couple of days, and things have been pretty hectic so there’s still a lot of tweaking to do!

    The problem with portraying anything like this in artistic terms is that its very difficult to simulate an experience for the viewer – after all even my own experiences are subjective! The paintings, drawings and photos are fine, but I think the website is a good way of involving the viewer, its something you have to navigate yourself and you can get more involved with. Any thoughts on this are appreciated!

  4. There’ll be an exhibition late next year I expect, but nothing solid planned. Need to do some work first…

  5. I agree that portrayal of experience is difficult. At least with a web site the viewer gets to “explore” in a way. I would never be likley to do this myself, or have even thought to do it, so when someone brings it “out” in this way its very interesting.

  6. What are you planning to do as your exhibition? These photos would be interesting blown up and hung.

  7. I have several projects under way as a result of this research but its early days right now. When there done I’ll be able to exhibit and discuss them here on the site as well as in the real world. As youve prob noticed, a lot of these shots arent the best quality; I dont have time to tweak about with my equipment, and sometimes I see a place unexpectedly and grab a disposable camera. Everything at the asylum at least was pretty rushed. I dont mind this at all, it reflects the nature of my experience far better than overtly considered photography. Three images were enlarged and displayed at the Basement Psychogeography exhibition in Manchester, as strong images in their own right, but alone they did little to describe the whole experience, and hanging the whole lot doesnt grab me, Id like to create something new from them.

  8. Perhaps you could put the images into book form? Backed up by the text they give a good impression of the place I think. Its interesting that you dont care too much if the images are crisp, would you mind explaining that line of thought please, I would always prefer my images to be very crisp.

  9. Yeah, Beutiful, very considered and clear images would be lovely, but they take a little time and more equipment than I have to take, and arent really what I’m looking for on this project.

    Basically these images are documentary photography, and as such reflect the rushed nature of the experience and the conditions in which they were taken. In very dark areas for example my cheap camera doesn’t cope too well and images become blurred. I dotnt mind this at all, its a symptom of the conditions at the time and so is perhaps more representative of the actual event that a staged photo would be.

  10. Great, I hope you enjoyed it! You’ll see much more than I did on this explore I expect. I believe the shell will be saved and the interior re-developed as flats. Many explorers try to get into Demby with permission, and many more without. It’s a shame that all it took was a TV programme to chuck some money at the developers to change their minds.

  11. Denbigh asylum is an amazing building. Me and a mate of mine went there just before xmas 08 and found a way into the main building, it was a very scary but fasinating place. Most of it is collapsing, but we found our way all the way through to reception, the way was collapsing but we had to try and go further.
    We got lots of amazing pictures and videos and a few plan from the office by reception (sadly the scary old man n his guard dog caught us and took them off us, still got the pics and memories though)

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