6 thoughts on “70′s Manchester

  1. Jane i need that photo of the powdered milk or better still, did you pick it up and take it home???? How devient am i obsessed by milk products… Blank media!! Wonderfull images.

  2. Devient Milk??!

    I’m interested in how athmospheric these images are. Even though I haven’t been inside the house I feel as though I have a sense of how it might feel to be there, more so seeing the images online than looking through an album or something. The text is a lot to do with that I think, but also the colour you chose for the backgrounds and the sense of navigating the site. Were these issues considerations for you?

  3. The colour of the site, the format and also the present tense of the text were all considerations, yes. Thanks for your comments, they suggest that i’m achieving my aims!

    It’s interesting how these places provoke emotional reactions. I understand how Allisa feels about these places, plus the poss trespass and danger. However I would repeat that I never, ever cause damage or take valuable contents. And well everythings a little dangerous isnt it? In order to experience anything at all we have to risk getting out of bed.

    It’s worth noting too that the North Manchester house was gutted for redevelopment a week or so ago, and everything from those photos is now sitting in a big yellow skip outside.

  4. U capture the very essence of the past, people’s past. There is something about ur pics that makes me…..makes me feel like i am in the pics, some spiritual connection…..

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