Samuels explores abandoned houses, schools, hospitals and asylums, and takes with her a cast of costumed characters. Her team use the suggested narratives found within the buildings to create disconnected, ethereal and often unsettling images, that play with ideas of memory, story-telling and the reclamation by nature of the man-made structures.

Samuels work also explores the issues around legality, and the public’s relationship with forbidden space. Entry into buildings often involves evading security and dogs, or being found and removed by the police, but once inside, these buildings become places for play or provide an opportunity to escape sociological rules. This can makeĀ  spaces feral and unsafe, but can also give buildings that have been secured for decades back to the public.

In entering the buildings herself, creating narratives and documenting found objects and spaces, Samuels offers these spaces back to her audience, once again making them public and shared spaces.

With her Photographic Dioramas, Samuels painstakingly builds her images into three dimensions. In so doing, she creates a new environment, and invites her audience to explore it, as she has explored the original building.

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2 thoughts on “Photographic Dioramas and Artist Statement.

  1. Hello Jane,

    I am an ‘A’ level student currently studying at Kirkbie Kendal school in The Lake District. I am in the process of writing my personal study on my theme of ‘Abandonment’. When I started to research this theme I was lucky enough to come across your work which I love! I therefore decided to use you as a basis for my study research. I would really like to find out more about you so I can write in more detail.

    For example,where do you get your inspiration from and when did you start photography?
    Who are the artists and photographers who inspired you? What was it about old, beautiful abandoned buildings that interested you so much?
    If I were to write a questionnaire for you, would you have the time to complete it?
    I really hope you can find the time in your busy schedule to respond to my e-mail. If you can provide the insight into your work I need I will happily send you a copy of my completed study.

    Thank you

  2. Hi Madeline. Im sorry its taken me a while to see your comment. If its still useful to you, im really happy to help. Please drop me an email at with any questions you have, and ill reply asap! J

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