Urban Exploration. Squeezing through windows, abseiling from roofs and falling through floors into mans abandoned structures.

Armed with ropes, torches, gloves and face masks, (the uniform of the explorer, the activist and the criminal) Artist and Activist Jane Samuels explores abandoned houses, asylums, hospitals and schools to create theatrical, often unsettling photographic images which explore; subjective narratives, illegality, morality and dispossession.

3 thoughts on “The Abandoned Buildings Project

  1. Hi Jane – trying to work out a way to get a message for you, this seems to be the only way.
    I’m helping Jim Aulich put the catalogue together for the TRIP art programme – he’s sent me an image for the urban exploration project, but its very low res, looks like a web-image. If we use it we’ll only be able to reproduce it small, so if its possible could you send me a bigger, higher res version of the same image?
    It’s the 13th image from the top on this web page – interior, suited man in deer head in foreground holding umbrella, two women in background, one in front of radiator in red dress, one in front of window in patterned dress. email to GAVIN at countryscape dot org. Big attachments should be okay.

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