BBC – Earth – Despite what you might think, chickens are not stupid

Have a read of this study into the intelligence of chickens before you next say “bird-brained”…or ram those corpse parts in your face.

The uncomfortable truth about chickens is that they are far more cognitively advanced than many people might appreciate. But it remains to be seen whether consumers who are armed with this knowledge change their shopping habits at the meat counter.

Proposed Lion-Meat Ban

Yeah lions with their manes and roars and chocolate bars are worth a story.
Can’t be eating lions. 

They have names like ‘Debbie’ and favourite chairs to sit in and favourite games to play.
Can’t be eating dogs.

Dog (public domain)
Dog likes rubber balls walks in the country and not being killed

They runs fast and Victorian children groom them in books.
A lot of Europe has broken down into a mental about eating horses.

Chickens? Cows? Pigs?
Sod ’em.

Speciesism has been overtly ludicrous in 2013. Even people sealed inside a diving bell being played a wall of Tina Turner white noise could not have escaped it. Blink fast and a mashed up horse turns up somewhere in a low rent beef product or pig DNA features in an halal meal.

The omnipresent horse meat saga has not so far been covered at meatismurder. There’s no need. It’s everywhere. A National Geographic story (link) about a US State trying to ban the sale of lion-meat finally provoked comment.

Why is one animal for eating and the other not?

From being children we are taught to see different animals in different ways. Animals that are pets have personalities and can’t be eaten. Some animals are exotic and strange and eating them isn’t on the agenda. A few animals are lucky. They get to be cut up and put into plastic trays and this is OK because it is what has always happened.

What if the plastic tray animals were suddenly reclassified as family pets? They would become individuals with a personality just like a dogcat. People would meet the pig that lives next door and see the person. See that they experience contentment and pain and fear. The plastic tray animals have a right to an autonomous life just as any human or cat or dog.

If you wouldn’t eat a horse burger, kitten sandwich or dog pasty perhaps it is time to question why you are OK with eating a cow or a pig.

Milkfloat smashed by joyriders

Police are hunting suspected joyriders believed to have stolen a milk float before leaving it smashed up in a ditch.

The truck was taken from the Dairy Crest depot in Shaw Heath, Stockport, where dozens of the milk wagons are kept overnight.

Suffice it to say that he only explanation for a milkfloat being nicked and smashed up is a really quite upset cow looking to give somebody a kicking.

“Stop making me artificially pregnant, whilst I’m already producing milk for a baby you’ve nicked” shouted the cow.

Cow Attack Reprisal

Always ready to make a correction where mistakes have been made we now believe that the injured farmer in post ‘Cow Attack‘ was a beef farmer not a dairy farmer.

In tribute to the beef farmers of the world here is ‘Human(e) Meat’ by everyone’s favourite hardcore band Propagandhi.