Cow Attack Reprisal

Always ready to make a correction where mistakes have been made we now believe that the injured farmer in post ‘Cow Attack‘ was a beef farmer not a dairy farmer.

In tribute to the beef farmers of the world here is ‘Human(e) Meat’ by everyone’s favourite hardcore band Propagandhi.

Cow Attack

The East Anglian Daily Times reports that a farmer was seriously injured by a cow protecting her calf.

Though the meatismurder team would not revel in anyone being hurt, surely even the dullest of observers must see the cruel pathos of a cow hurting a farmer to protect her young.

The truth is that over 100,000 male dairy calves are killed each year as they can’t produce milk (Link.). Further 1000s are live shipped abroad for veal.

And those girls that are ‘lucky’ enough to live? They can typically enter the pregnancy, milk production, calf removal process before a young death. See MilkMyths to learn what is so abhorrent about the dairy industry.

We of course point out that the injured farmer might not engage in any of these standard farming practises and may well have a house full of happy young male calves and farm full of female cows that live out their days as autonomous individuals rather than milk machines.

Dairy Suffering in India

It’s not just in the UK and US that we see suffering in the dairy industry as PETA India reveal in a recent investigation.

Undercover Investigation Reveals Horrors in India’s Dairy Industry

‘Producing’ Cruelty

PETA India’s recent undercover investigation of several dairy farms revealed shocking cruelty to cows and buffaloes. Tabelas – animal factories with no provisions for health care or animal welfare – are steadily replacing small family farms.

Buffaloes in Delhi’s main dairy facility stand knee-deep in foul-smelling excrement, suffering from skin infections, foot disease and other illnesses. Garbage is piled up everywhere. Drainage, electricity and designated waste disposal sites are lacking.

In Mumbai, calves are tightly tethered on short ropes in order to prevent them from reaching their mothers, but in their struggle to get free, they often become entangled in the ropes and strangle themselves. One dairy owner reported that half the calves die shortly after birth.

An Endless Cycle of Abuse

Cows are beaten into submission and artificially inseminated so that they will keep producing milk. Although this practice should be performed by trained professionals, most cows are repeatedly inseminated by “barefoot healers” who ignore the most basic hygienic standards and use equipment that has not been sterilised, exposing cows to infections and diseases.

Most of a cow’s day is spent confined to a narrow, filthy stall. Cows are injected with Oxytocin, an illegal drug that causes them to produce unnaturally large quantities of milk and suffer severe stomach cramps as though they were in labour. Cows are impregnated repeatedly. They grieve for every calf they deliver who is ripped away a few days after birth. Cows often develop mastitis – an infection of the udders – from rough handling and rumen acidosis from unwholesome food.

Other abuses documented by PETA’s investigator include:

  • Calves were tethered with short chains, often without any shelter.
  •  Workers kicked buffaloes to make them stand. Injured animals were hit with sticks and pulled by their tails.
  • Bleeding buffaloes were denied veterinary care.
  • Animals were covered in their own faeces.
  • Animals lived among heaps of garbage.
  • Drinking water was filthy.