Sin-Cat & Super Hero Dub Fox

wpid img 20141124 235244 Sin Cat & Super Hero Dub Fox

Sin-Cat meets the first and only super hero to grace these pages; he greets with his usual gleeful acceptance the news that the hero prefers to live life as a dub fox.

I think we can all see the heavy-handed but worthwhile analogy.

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Sin-Cat meets a hero

This week Sin-Cat bumps into Alan Turing, one of his all time heroes.

wpid img 20141115 210748 Sin Cat meets a hero

Sin-Cat wants a posh drink still

wpid img 20141109 123042 Sin Cat wants a posh drink still

Sin-Cat carries on as an MP. The author feels uncomfortable with the direction of the story. Story ends.

Sin-Cat wants posh drink

 Sin Cat wants posh drink

Sin-Cat meets up with one of his gull friends and a plan for posh booze happens.
(Part 1 of some.)