Sin-Cat & Super Hero Dub Fox

Sin-Cat meets the first and only super hero to grace these pages; he greets with his usual gleeful acceptance the news that the hero prefers to live life as a dub fox. I think we can all see the heavy-handed but worthwhile analogy. Check out the new projects by B.S.D.C. – Mcr’s finest. Delroy Smart […]

Sin-Cat Shorts – Ire Mas Tarde

Sin-Cat and his love Spanish-Cat. The Spanish! Te quiero. I love you. !bang bang! Mi amigo esta enfermo. I liame a un medico. My friend is ill. Call a doctor. Es caza. Is hunters. Tocame aqui. Te quiero. Touch me here. I love you. Ire mas tarde. Te quiero. I’ll be coming later. I love […]

Sin-Cat Shorts – Rompamos Mierda

The great love of Sin-Cat and Spanish-Cat abounds. This week they break shit with bricks and listen to Knife Party. Those crazy cat kids. The Spanish! Tengu un ladrillo. Es grande. I’ve got a brick. It is big. Rompamos mierda. Let us break shit. ?Podemos escuchar dubstep al mismo tiempo. Can we listen to dubstep […]

Te quiero

Sin-Cat Shorts – Estoy Borracho

Sin-cat is still abroad and still enjoying the company of the mysterious but lovely Spanish-Cat. All thoughts of dubstep and Barry Manilow have gone right out of his head and a big moustache has popped up on his face. Political correctness gone proper mad that is. The Spanish! Estoy Borracho. I’m pissed. ?Quieres un masaje […]


Sin-Cat Shorts – Learn Spanish with Sin-Cat

Sin-cat travels to somewhere that the people speak Spanish, mojitos flow like magic, and Barry Manilow flutters in the air. Sin-Cat meets Spanish-Cat and we all get to learn a little something. The Spanish! Quisera un cafe sin leche. Soy vegetariana estricta activista. I’d like a coffee without milk. I’m a vegan and an activist […]