Tracy. Adventure Time

Tracy the new rabbit hero in town bumps into some lovely faces, both new and familiar. Adventure can’t be far away.

tracy itching Tracy. Adventure Time

Tracy. Christmas Day

Germans! Skulls! Rabbits! Better than a visit from an old man with a beard. They’ve been rubbish anyway since Only Fools and Horses ended. Happy Christmas you ‘orrible lot.

tracy family Tracy. Christmas Day

Tracy. Riot Rabbit

It’s Christmas, a time for traditional tales of riot grrrl rabbits. Proudly we present….Tracy. Riot Rabbit.

tracy pow Tracy. Riot Rabbit

Sin-Cat Shorts – Ire Mas Tarde

Sin-Cat and his love Spanish-Cat.

iremastarde Sin Cat Shorts   Ire Mas Tarde

The Spanish!

Te quiero.
I love you.


Mi amigo esta enfermo. I liame a un medico.
My friend is ill. Call a doctor.

Es caza.
Is hunters.

Tocame aqui. Te quiero.
Touch me here. I love you.

Ire mas tarde. Te quiero.
I’ll be coming later. I love you.