My (Fairly) Awful Reviews

Reviews of Gin Palace 2 ( featuring Sin-Cat )

There is a review of Gin Palace 2 over at Optical Sloth:

Sin-Cat (I’m guessing that’s the name the creator goes by too, at least judging from the back cover) has another wandering tale that hits and occasionally misses

Also a review at The Comics Journal:

Most of the entries in this anthology are at least solidly entertaining (other than Lee Johnson’s incoherent and vaguely preachy “Sin Cat” comics)

Reviews of Gin Palace 1 ( featuring Sin-Cat )

At Forbidden Planet:

Gin Palace ends with the weakest of the lot; Lee Johnson’s “Sin Cat” which certainly isn’t helped by a few layout and technical problems which offsets some of the pages and cuts tops and bottoms of pages off. It doesn’t make it unreadable, but it doesn’t do anything to help. The strip itself is trying too hard to be radical and different and would have been better served by tightening up both narrative and art.

At The Comics Journal:

Lee Johnson’s “Sin Cat” was so highly stylized as to be nearly unreadable at points, like a more incoherent Jim Mahfood story.

At Optical Sloth:

The Adventure Journals of Sin Cat by Lee Johnson (a meandering story of Sin Cat, damaged because of the awkward cropping but still with plenty of funny; if this is the worst piece